About Us
Multidirectional and multidimensional development of creative Individuals and society with commitment, courage and consideration.
Render the latest knowledge with best practices to mold the individual and society to be effective and efficient, to cope with the industrial and social challenges of the ever- changing world, with positive values.
About us
As the business & social environment continues to evolve fast and become complex, today‟s students and professionals require the sharpened skills and confidence to succeed. Even though the formal education systems strive to meet this demand, it often does only the knowledge bombardment and leaving its products as unfinished goods. Furthermore it induces the fear of failure and apprehension of getting a job. It teaches subjects like Science, Social studies, Economics etc, but not the skill of problem solving and creative thinking. In short the present education scenario is not supported by practical and real-time training and the skills for coping with the new social and psychological challenges. We must manage this scenario by replacing the “dead learning” concept with the “living learning” practices.
With growing number of industries and job opportunities U.A.E has become the focal point of entrepreneurs. However, the gap between the need for professionals in the industry and the availability of professionals with proper training still exists. This is thepoint where the importance of training institute like "LEADS" is emphasized.
It is led by a group of experienced and trained Educational experts, psychologists and talented trainers guided by strong entrepreneurship. Blending the latest knowledge, evolved through extensive and valid research, with the well-developed practical sessions, LEADS EDUCATION CENTRE refines and redefines the training. LEADS EDUCATION CENTRE believes that the 'ability to learn' differs from individual to individual. However, helping the people „to learn how to learn‟ will reduce this gap andwill enable them to learn anything at any time by using the appropriate learning methodologies. All these are done in more professional way and help to build an international outlook easily irrespective of any cultural or racial differences. Thus we assert that our trainees will be skilled, self-reliant, efficient and up-to-date with the industrial and social environment. And they will be playing vital roles in any industry or society.