Corporate Training

Corporate Training

 LEADS’s Corporate Training


A Paradigm  shift in training…………

Are you….. 
Obsessed with the employee development & training..?
Conscious about the training costs, venue and trainers……?
Particular about the post- training performance…?

 Give all your “Training worries” to LEADS’s dedicated 
 Professional Corporate Training team….and relax…..

The ever changing business and social environment along with the shift in technologies put all of us in continuous learning process. Once we lag behind this learning race, it would definitely affect our business.  LEADS’s corporate training department is equipped to take care of these learning needs and nourish your employees in terms of excellent skills, adequate knowledge and the right attitudes relevant to your business. We make each training objective as a “theme” and bring it to the centre of the Group as well as each individual without losing the essence of training objective. Join with us and feel the difference. We welcome you to LEADS -  an institute with A Learner Friendly Approach.

Training Areas
Management, IT, Language & Education

►Industry relevant case studies & exercises ►Training by experts ► Fun filled, yet informative sessions ►Easy to comprehend study materials ► Post course assistance ►Customized Training ►Certificates for participants